Kwa Mboo Primary School

Location: Kinanie, Machakos.

Amara started working with this school in 2014. Amara decided to rebuild and refurbish this school because the previous classrooms were a condemned cattle dip and the student’s population was expected to increase because there was no other public school in the vicinity.

Number of students grown from 102 students in 2012 to 298 students in 2021.


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Amara has undertaken the following at Kwa Mboo Primary School:

  • Construction of 4 new classrooms, rebuilding and refurbishment the previous cattle dip to create 5 new classrooms in partnership with CAREducation Trust -UK & Independent Franchise Partners,LLP-UK
  • Installed playground equipment.
  • Introduced a feeding programme in 2016.
  • Set up a fully functional library in 2015 and upgraded it in 2017 kindly donated by Amribai Velji Lakhamshi Shah & Family
  • Teachers workshop in 2015 at Sathya Sai School, Kajiado.
  • Donation of new school uniforms to 200 students in standard 1 to 7 in 2018
  • Amara aims to set up a vegetable garden and plant fruit trees at the school.

4 newly constructed and 5 rebuilt and refurbished classrooms


Desks donated to students


Feeding program started in 2016


Fully functional library with books categorized according to different genres

“Play is our brain’s favorite way of learning”. - Diana Ackeman


Students bonding in the playground


Much needed shade from the scorching mid- day sun


Students receive mathematical sets.


Old cattle dip transformed into new classroom block.


Students enjoy library lessons twice a week

Baby Zebra tresspassing in the cattle dip classroom

Baby zebra trespassing in the previous cattle dip classroom


 For some students this is the only meal of the day