Kyangoma Boarding Special School

Location: Kikima Town,Makueni County

Amara started working with this school in 2013. The Amara team were very concerned to see the girls use the classrooms as their dormitory.  There was a lack of good hygiene, balanced meals and access to water.

Since the construction of the girls' dormitory, the number of students has grown from 88 in 2013 to 134 in 2024.


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Amara’s involvement with the school has been to:

  • Construct and furnish a 38 bed girls' dormitory, multipurpose hall & kitchen (2013), pathway from dormitory to classrooms and kitchen area (2017) in partnership with Healthcare Direct (K) Ltd and CAREducation Trust
  • Digging of a well in December 2016 and installing a pump kindly donated by Eng Anthony Wandu in January 2017.
  • Arranging medical care and physiotherapy sessions throughout 2017 in partnership with Healthcare Direct (K) Ltd.
  • Vocational training for 14 students.
  • Fun craft & play workshop for the children.
  • Installation of playground equipment kindly donated by Petroleum Industrial Services
  • Starting a vegetable garden and planting fruit trees.

“A child with special needs will inspire you to be a special person”. - Unknown


“I am different not less”. Dr Temple Grandin

Kyangoma overall plaque

Donors of Kyangoma Special Needs School


Growing vegetables in gunny bags is a school's initiative. Motivation for this was received from our providing a permanent water solution and starting a kitchen garden


Budding young farmers engaging in tending to the gardens and learning a skill

Donation of Wheel chairs

Donation of wheelchairs

Furnished new girls dormitory

Newly built and furnished girls' dormitory


In 2017, 6 children with cerebral palsy were gifted customized wheelchairs and other walking aids were donated to those with disabilities


The newly constructed multipurpose hall


Pathways connecting dormitories and facilities were created in 2017 to ease wheelchair and student access


Physiotherapy sessions for the children

Carpentry class demonstration

Students enjoying learning carpentry


Young students at breaktime relishing some porridge

water well
well pump

Water well dug in 2015 with the pump being installed in 2016


Students learning art and crafts


Workshop where children are learning beadwork and motor skills


Children having fun during playtime, learning coordination and social skills