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It was the start of the year 2021, and I decided to join the Amara Team on a school visit to Mt. View Primary School. The sun was shining bright and off we were on our way to the school. It was a pleasant drive with nice cool breeze that filled the air.

The students were very excited to have us visit, literally swarming our car as we got to the school compound. We were warmly welcomed by greetings and hugs from these lovely young children, and were all so well behaved. The teachers told them to go back to their classrooms and off they all ran. They certainly respected their teachers.

We proceeded to an open-air hall where we unloaded the boxes of books from the car that were donations in kind by our generous donors for the students.

Young pupils posing for a picture with the books on their hands

Soon after was their lunch break where every scholar queued up to get their meal. Food is one of the dockets that The Amara Charitable Trust supports the schools with. The suppliers supply with grains to the schools and the food is prepared at the school’s kitchen by the cooks to provide with healthy meal for these students. As we were told by the teachers that this was probably their only meal of the day, some students would save half portion of their lunch so they could share with their siblings at home or have it themselves at dinner time. It was very heartbreaking to hear these kids do that, but also very kind and thoughtful of them to think about their siblings too. “Every little thing counts in a crisis” – Jawaharlal Nehru

Children queueing at lunch hour to get their meal

       Older students on their way to get their lunch

While some decided to take a siesta after lunch, others decided to play in the playground.

   “Children need the freedom and time to play. Play is not a luxury. Play is a necessity”

As the pictures above prove to us how happy these kids are with the various playground equipment installed at their school. Amara Charitable Trust not only supported with donations of books, playground equipment, food program but also assisted in construction of classrooms, fully set up library etc.

                                                            Female students searching for books to read

  “Libraries are the backbone of our education systems”

Karin Slaughter

 “Books are the quietest and most constant of friends” 

Charles William Eliot

And this is how I see Amara Charitable Trust’s Vision and Mission being fulfilled. What really caught my eye was these students came from such under privileged families and barely have proper basic needs and yet they are all so happy and content with their lives. These kids also showed me no matter how little they have but they appreciate it all.

Article by Tanvi Shah

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