To plant a tree is to believe in tomorrow

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The first thought that comes to my attention when I hear trees is Shade.

There are numerous reasons why people plant trees. One of the great features of trees is that they aren’t selfish with their outputs, they give away their benefits beyond their location. People plant trees to get shade especially on hot and sunny days to avoid harmful ultra-violet radiation from the sun. They produce oxygen we all breathe. They pull carbon dioxide from the atmosphere that may have been produced on the other side of the sphere. They also reduce windspeeds and cool the air as they lose moisture and reflect heat upwards from their leaves.  Trees provide a canopy for many species of wildlife. But they don’t just act as a home for wildlife; the fruits from trees provide food for them too. It also helps to prevent flooding and soil erosion, by absorbing thousands of litres of storm water. They provide timber for construction. Planting trees can bring people together. They make every place look beautiful. It cuts down on energy costs for example during summer months, it can reduce the need for air conditioning by providing shade and reducing the need to use electricity to cool the home. It also helps in winter months by blocking cold winds thereby reducing the strain on heating units.

At The Amara Charitable Trust, the team is very passionate about planting trees. They have planted many different types of seedlings at both primary and secondary schools and recently at a Vocational Training Centre. Kanaani Primary School’s vegetable garden was Amara’s very first garden project where the Parent Teacher Association was involved and encouraged to participate in the cultivation of one acre garden greenhouse.

Trustees at Kanaani Primary School’s greenhouse

Our Trustee with the gardener at Kanaani Primary School

The team at Amara, like to give a balanced meal to the students. Hence, some of the seedlings planted were kale, spinach, cabbage etc. Another reason to plant was to generate extra income for the school. Therefore, a greenhouse was set up to allow the school to cultivate the land for income generation.

Fresh green leafy vegetables ready to be plucked and cook

Happy Students and Headteacher from Kanaani Primary School with harvested fresh green leafy vegetables from the garden

Cabbages grown at Kanaani Primary School’s Garden

Food being served under a tree on a hot sunny day at Kanaani Primary School

Kanaani Primary School’s pupils having lunch under the shade of a tree

As seen from the above pictures, these young kids sit under the trees to have their meal as it provides them shade and brings every kid close.

Our Volunteer with the students at Kitengela Magareza Mixed High School ready to plant fruit trees

Our volunteer decided to do a project on planting trees at this school. Below is a video of this project.


As promised by the volunteer to give bottles to students to water the plants over the weekends

Students from Ngalalya Primary School ready to plant some trees

“He who plants a tree, plants a hope” – Lucy Larcom

Students from Empakasi Secondary and Kitengela Magareza Mixed High School planting and watering fruit trees


Our Volunteers at Empakasi Secondary School discussing how tall the tree has grown that they had planted a few months ago

Banana Trees at Kanani Primary School’s Vegetable Garden


Pawpaw and Berries trees at Kitengela Magareza Mixed High School

Mitaboni Vocational Training Centre fraternity planting a tree

Our Trustee with students at Mitaboni Vocational Training Centre planting Neem tree

The schools’ teachers took it as an opportunity and really put in an effort to nurture the seedlings they have been given despite facing many challenges such as lack of water, adverse weather conditions etc.

As Amara, we are planting trees for our future. So, as you can see, humans, animals and the environment depend upon trees for survival. Therefore, as deforestation continues, we must put back what we are taking away. By planting more trees, it will contribute to global reforestation efforts, restoring lost forests, repairing damaged ecosystems and mitigating climate changes.

“The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. The second-best time is now” – Chinese Proverb

Last but not the least, the Amara team has been assisting the students from the Agriculture Club together with the gardeners from different schools to go for training on propagation, nursery and seedbed preparation for different crops, care of seedlings from transplanting up to harvesting, the importance of greenhouses in providing ideal conditions for crops and many more. Below is a picture from the World Environment Day where by Royal Seed Africa hosted Kanaani Secondary School girls on Monday 5th June 2023.

Students learning about Kifaru Cabbage Variety

Article by Tanvi Shah

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